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If You Are Not A United States Citizen, Your Criminal Conduct Can Result In Your Removal Or Deportation

Certain crimes, whether misdemeanor or felony, can subject a person to removal or deportation. Although you may not have a “conviction” in your municipal or state charge, you may already have a “conviction” for immigration purposes. It may only be a matter of time before your crime comes to the attention of the immigration authorities; if it does, you could be placed in removal proceedings.

The harshest penalties are reserved for a category of crimes called “aggravated felonies.” If you fall in this category, with a few exceptions, it does not matter how or when you were convicted of the aggravated felony. It also does not matter that you pled guilty or no contest or went through an entire trial — the only thing the immigration judge is concerned about is whether you were convicted of an aggravated felony.

Aggravated felonies include: murder; rape; drug possession or trafficking; money laundering; firearms violations; arson; any crime of violence, whether against people or property, for which the term of imprisonment imposed is at least one year; theft offenses; “national defense” offenses; bribery; counterfeiting; forgery; and perjury. Foreign convictions could also qualify.

Certain other crimes, even if not considered aggravated felonies, could make you deportable by designation under the immigration laws.

If You Are Not A US Citizen, And You Face Criminal Charges, Or Have Convictions, Our Experienced Immigration Lawyers Can Help You

Our immigration lawyers, experienced in removal/deportation proceedings, should be consulted to determine the effect of any conviction on your right to stay in the country. Our attorneys will advise you on the possibility of overturning the conviction or reducing the charge (perhaps because you pled guilty without being told that the conviction could lead to deportation).

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