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On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2022 | Firm News

Our office has received lots of questions from clients and potential clients about changes in Immigration law under the Biden administration. They hear rumors from friends and social media that there is an amnesty coming, for example, or that DACA recipients are getting new benefits. This is understandable considering the expectations coming out of the new presidential administration.

What has changed?

So far, aside from some help for clients in removal (deportation) proceedings, there hasn’t been much change in Immigration law. Many bills have been introduced and debated in Congress but so far, no significant changes have been enacted into law.

However, we think that it is likely that in the near future some sort of legislation will be passed to address the situation of so many people who have lived here a long time yet have no work authorization. We are ready to help you if or when that happens.

Please call or email us if you hear news or rumors that Immigration law has changed or if you have any questions about your case under the current administration. We are dedicated to staying on top of all developments in the law to best serve our clients.