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Here at Wichmer & Groneck LLC, we know that your immigration issues do not go away in light of heightened concerns about the novel coronavirus. Deadlines still need to be met, court hearings and interviews need to be attended or addressed, and legal issues still need to be solved.  We are open and able to help you!

Our firm is still open for business with normal business hours.  Law offices are not affected by the current governmental stay-at-home orders.

During the current pandemic situation, we are adopting the following practices to ensure we can safely and effectively continue to represent you in legal matters:

  • Attorneys and legal staff are working normal business hours, either in the office or remotely. Either way, all of us are able to be contacted, to perform legal work such as immigration filings, court appearances, and client conferences.
  • Members of our legal team hold office hours here every business day, while some members work from home on a rotating schedule. This ensures that we can respond immediately to your needs while protecting the health of all of us.
  • Until further notice, we are strongly urging that attorney/client meetings take place by phone or video connection. Only at serious need will in-person meetings be arranged on a case-by-case basis.  Simply contact your attorney (see contact information below) to discuss.

Our firm is prepared to ensure that you still receive the necessary services you have come to us for.

  1. We will follow CDC-approved hygiene practices to do everything possible to limit/prevent exposure and transmission.
  2. In person meetings are NOT necessary to process your case. Documents can be scanned and emailed or faxed; your signatures can be sent back to us by mail or courier.

Most importantly:

IF YOU FEEL SICK FOR ANY REASON, and have an existing appointment or need to talk with us, DO NOT COME IN! Instead, please call us to reschedule or conduct consultations remotely. IF YOU FEEL SICK FOR ANY REASON, and have a scheduled appointment with USCIS, the Immigration Court, ICE, or any other governmental agency or court, CONTACT US BY PHONE/EMAIL IMMEDIATELY!  It can almost certainly be rescheduled.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us to discuss.

Thank you for trusting in our firm- We are happy to serve you!


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